We love it when you practice with us at FIT YogaWoodlands and we also know that everyone leads a busy life and can’t always make it to a yoga or meditation class. Here are a few free resources (click the images, and we will keep adding others) to help keep you balanced and feeling joyfully present¬†… until we meet on our mats again!





Meditation is a great way to start your day and something that everyone can benefit from. There so are many studies today that have scientifically proven the benefits, as well as the ability of a meditation practice to change your brain (neuroplasticity). Go ahead give it a try …. it only takes a few¬†minutes.






We love it when you practice with us at FIT Yoga Woodlands, but when you just can’t get away. Try one of these quick and simple practices at home.










We all live connected more strongly to our iPhones and Androids than we are to ourselves. This is not necessarily a good thing, but there are ways to use your device to help you connect to yourself. Try out one of these cool apps.