FIT Yogawoodlands offers a variety of yoga and meditation classes. From beginner to advanced at FIT Yogawoodlands there is something for everyone.
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SUP YogaYogaPaddleboard

SUP Yoga is essentially yoga on a stand up paddle board in the water. Since the SUP board is large enough to act as a mat (and sturdy enough to support someone standing on it) it was only a matter of time before yogis started to discover the ways it challenged their practice. Adding the element of water simply increases the amount of core stability you need to achieve every pose. Stand-up paddle boarding works the entire body because you’re constantly making micro movements to stabilize on the board.

Slow Burn

From the slower progressive sequences, to the longer holding postures, the entire body and mind are brought into balance in this focused, intense yet calming class. It is a great option for newer students who may be nervous about trying yoga.


Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to the more active Vinyasa Yoga practices and is appropriate for all levels of experience. This practice develops new depths in your postures, deeper ranges of motion and an increased flow of energy that is achievable by focusing on the deeper tissues of the body.

Follow the Yogini – Yoga Vinyasa

Vinyasa classes use the flowing vinyasa movement of ashtanga yoga, but with a variety of postures (instead of a set series of postures as in Ashtanga yoga) to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.  This is a fun, engaging class set to upbeat music beginning with  the fundamentals of Vinyasa Yoga including sun salutations, and incorporates standing poses, balancing postures, seated and reclining poses, backbends, core isolation and strengthening postures.


A 20 minute meditation, beginning with a short guided meditation and finishing with insight meditation. Meditation can be done in a chair or seated on yoga blankets. Calm your mind, settle your body and find a softer focus to your day. Beginners to practicing meditators will benefit from this class as well as seasoned meditators.

New to yoga and want to learn some basic etiquette before your first class, simply Click Here.

This is the full expression of yoga – the unification of being with action, of universality with individuality. – Deepak Chopra